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PureFTPD virtual chroot

PureFTPD has a feature called “virtual chroot”, where it will mimic a chroot by its own means, but without using the chroot() system call.

An excerpt from the PureFTPD FAQ:

– The ‘virtual chroot’ implementation. With that feature, users can
follow all symbolic links, even when they don’t point inside the jail. This
is very handy to set up directories shared by multiple users. Binary
packages are compiled with virtual chroot by default.

To enable the virtual chroot feature when you are compiling the server, use
the —with-virtualchroot with ./configure . If you want a restricted chroot,
don’t include —with-virtualchroot.

Please note that the FTP server will never let people create new symbolic
links. Symbolic links have to be already there to be followed. Or if your
users can create symbolic links through Perl or PHP scripts, your hosting
platform is really badly configured. People can install any web file
browser, they don’t need FTP to look at your system files. Recompile PHP
without POSIX functions and run all Perl scripts chrooted.

This feature is turned on by default in the FreeBSD ports.

Jos sent in a comment to the ports maintainer of pureftpd noting the above problem and today they have made this selectable when compiling the package.

Freshports commit message and direct link to CVS.

Posted 2009/11/30 14:51 by alex


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